Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses help prevent diseases, maintain health and treat any exiting health problems. Our Nurses provide general nursing care, wound management, social support and care after a hospital stay.


Domestic Assistance

If you find it difficult to complete everyday household chores because of a disability or health condition, we can help. D.A.C.C.S provides a number of general housework services, such as; cleaning, clothes washing, ironing, shopping and other household tasks.

Community Access

The aim of improving your quality of life and capacity for independent living through helping you to set goals, create plans and establish social networks. Helping you to access community services and groups.


Home Maintenance

D.A.C.C.S can help improve your home's accessibility, safety and security. We provide regular or one-off home maintenance, gardening and repair jobs to keep your home in good condition. Our team can perform a range of handyman jobs from gutter clenaing and gardening to changing the batteries in a smoke detector.


Transport & Equipment Hire

D.A.C.C.S has it's own safe and comfortable wheelchair accessible vehicle available with a personal support worker for appointments, community access and holidays. We also provide an equipment hire service  that is affordable and economical. This service provides short-term hire of equipment such as wheelchairs, hoists, mattresses and cushions to assist clients while their own equipment is unavailable. 

Home Respite Care

When caring for someone full time, taking a break or even finding time to manage your life is not always easy. D.A.C.C.S can help you and the person you care for by coming to you and caring for them in your own home. We provide day and night care, short services throughout the day and also longer services such as care while you are at work.


Personal Support

Personal support and lifestyle assistance is a means of independent living that ensures a person who has a physical disability or elderly can exercise their basic rights, choose lifestyle options and participate in community living. D.A.C.C.S employs qualified and dedicated staff who provide 24 hour, tailored, in-home support for individuals with a physical disability and older people.


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