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About D.A.C.C.S

D.A.C.C.S is locally owned and operated by a family of Health Care Professionals. We have committed our lives to healing and helping the community and now wish to provide our services even more through D.A.C.C.S

At D.A.C.C.S we believe that human life is a precious gift, that all individuals, whether a person with disabilities or a frail aged person, have talents and gifts and make a valuable contribution to the life of the community.

We acknowledge that, focusing on an individual life, a range of moments are there to laugh about, cry for, rejoice with and experience.

D.A.C.C.S knows and upholds that all people have the right to make their own decisions, and be provided assistance and care when needed for this to happen.

We are strongly committed to the ongoing strengthening and development of our clients skills and abilities. Our mission is to enhance, strengthen and encourage the maintenance and capacity of independence of the client to enable them to reach their potential and live the life they want through a range of service options.

D.A.C.C.S is committed to the ongoing development of staff through training and skills development workshops.